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Unirest for .NET platforms has been unified Posted 5 months ago


We’re happy to announce that the Unirest library for .NET and RT (“windows 8”) has been merged!  This was possible thanks to Lionel Ringenbach’s contribution :)  

Lionel is a C#/XAML developer based in Switzerland.  He enjoys developing for Microsoft platforms (mobile, tablets, desktop).  He loved to code because "it is the most creative tool that has been given to me - you think, create, and make everyday a better day!"

We’ve asked him to write the post below.  Enjoy!

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30+ ways to make REST calls in Node.js, PHP, Python, Rails, Obj-C, .NET, and Java / Android Posted 5 months ago


Here’s a list of resources on how to make REST calls in different languages.  (We also have this list of 40+ tutorials on how to create an API in different languages).

If you dabble with one or more of these languages in your different projects, we highly recommend that you check out, an open source lightweight HTTP client library.  It’s goal is to provide a consistent way for developers to make HTTP calls across different languages (node.js, Ruby, PHP, Java, Python, Objective-C, .NET)

If you have suggested additions to the links below, please tweet to @mashape and we’ll add it here!

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Create and monitor your own API tests with APImetrics Posted 5 months ago


David O’Neill, CEO of APImetrics, shares with us his insights on the importance of monitoring your API’s health.

APImetrics is a set of web-based tools that make it easy to create, manage, and schedule complex API tests, even those requiring authentication.  

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PAYMILL Online Payments joins Mashape Posted 5 months ago

Do you need a payment gateway that can process up to 100 transaction currencies and over 23 payout currencies?  We’ve got your solution!

Mashape is proud to have PAYMILL join our community, one of the leading and most dependable payment service providers in Europe.  The PAYMILL API provides merchants with an easy-to-use payments solution that is quick to set up and widely available.  With minimal effort the API enables you to customize a checkout experience according to the flow of your website. 

Available in 39 countries, plus, with no monthly costs - only transaction based, we think you should include the PAYMILL API in your application.

List of 35+ Image APIs for fun and profit Posted 5 months ago


Got images to analyze, modify, sell, or recognize? Or do you need generate images?   These APIs might help:

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List of 50+ PDF generation, manipulation, and conversion APIs and libraries Posted 5 months ago


If you deal with PDF in your applications, you might find this list useful.

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Connect your SQL database app to the web with Zazler Posted 5 months ago


We had the opportunity to “email” interview Rudolf Osman, CEO of Zazler, to get his insights on the challenges facing developers when rolling out their own APIs, and the trend of APIs in general.  

Zazler is a backend for web and mobile apps that saves developers from having to write server-side code.  It works as a server facilitating database queries between the application’s frontend and its database.

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How to integrate Mashape APIs with Parse as Cloud Modules @ParseIt Posted 5 months ago


Photo credit: Parse

Parse is a backend-as-a-service (BAAS) platform that lets you focus on building your applications without worrying about server and infrastructure maintenance and complexities.  If you haven’t heard or tried Parse before, I encourage you to try their Quickstart here to get an idea of how the BAAS paradigm works.

This post shows an example of a Mashape API integrated with Parse through Parse Modules.  Parse Modules are libraries that Parse developers import into their app to use certain functionality offered by 3rd-party APIs.  Once your API is turned into a Parse Module, it will be easier for developers to use it in their applications.

There’s a whole tutorial from the Parse documentation that shows how to turn your APIs into Cloud Modules, so we won’t go through those steps.  Instead we will show a finished working code here, that you can use to pattern your Modules after.  (It is however essential to have an understanding of how Cloud Code and Cloud Modules work, so reading them first would be great).

Let’s get started!

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Thank you all for joining us at #APIWorld13 Posted 5 months ago


It was great meeting everyone at API World!  We had a whopping turnout of 1000+ developers and delivered tons of tracks.  Next year will be bigger!

Here are a few pictures from the 2-day event - 

The Mashape crew in their “Keep Calm and Use an API” shirts!

Mashape CEO and co-founder Augusto Marietti talking about the Art of Selling APIs 

Transforming the Netflix API slides from Ben Schmaus

Top 10 worst API practices from John Musser

APIWorld hackathon participants!

Hope to see you again next year!

Unirest for node.js now available Posted 6 months ago


We have just released Unirest for node.js.  Unirest is a lightweight HTTP client library also available for PHP, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, Java, .NET, and Windows RT.

After installing and setting up Unirest for node.js, you can make a simple HTTP request like this:

Why use Unirest?

The goal of Unirest is to provide developers a consistent manner of making HTTP request calls regardless of programming language used.  We have open-sourced this library so that the developer community can contribute and help with this goal of polishing the library and to accommodate more languages.

Got some suggestions?  Follow the conversation in Hacker News!