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Nutritionix, the largest food database, joins Mashape Posted 1 month ago


It’s not often we get to announce an API partnership that can directly improve your health and wellbeing.  Mashape is excited to have Nutritionix, the largest branded food database in the world, join our community. 

Nutritionix is a search engine and database for nutrition information.  With over 300,000 unique food items you can browse or search by restaurants, as well as query specific food types to find nutritional information.

The Nutritionix API, found here, allows you to access and integrate the functionality and data of Nutritionix to create new applications.  The API provides nutritional facts to over 230,000 UPCs/barcodes, 100,000 restaurant menu items, and 10,000 common foods from the USDA.

We’re excited to have Nutritionix part of our community.  So what are you waiting for?  Go out there and make the next incredible health and fitness app.

Here’s an example code snippet from Nutritionix’s API:

Mashape Rev Share Fees Down 5%. Effective now! Posted 1 month ago

Hello Mashape community,

We’re happy to announce a reduced revenue share percentage rate. Going forward monetized APIs will only be charged a 20% rev share. With ❤.

As always, Mashape will continue to provide free support, quick distribution, analytics, auto generated code snippets, issues and reporting system, status, alerts, testing tools, collaboration and permission add-ons, and many more features. 

Looking forward to our continued relationship to build together the API economy.



AYLIEN Text Analysis Joins Mashape Posted 1 month ago


We know that working with text can be difficult at the best of times.  Ultimately, giving your readers what they want in the cleanest format ensures repeat consumers.  When we discovered AYLIEN, an incredibly intuitive Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution, we knew their API would be a welcome addition to our community.

Based on NLP and machine learning algorithms, AYLIEN is focused on creating simple yet intelligent applications in the news and media space.  Their API allows you to quickly extract basic data like headlines and the body of text from a document; additionally, it offers a summarization service, entity and conception extraction, and language and sentiment detection. 

The AYLIEN Text Analysis API, found here, consists of eight distinct Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, and Machine Learning APIs.  When used in conjunction, you can easily extract meaning and insight from any document.

Text analysis APIs pour through text, eliminate the extraneous, and deliver powerful content.  We think AYLIEN is one of the best in the business.  Wouldn’t it be nice to bring order to your chaos?  Give the AYLIEN API a try today.

Here’s a sample code snippet:

Voice and SMS API Company, Plivo, Joins Mashape Posted 1 month ago


The telephony business is notoriously complex.  With legacy carriers and networks, developers are challenged to maintain old customer support systems; let alone face the task of developing new features and applications.

Mashape is pleased to have Plivo, a cloud communications company, join our community.  With Plivo’s solution you get a simple infrastructure service, which handles everything from carrier contracts to call quality and messaging deliverability to technical support.

Plivo enables developers and businesses to build powerful Voice and SMS apps without carrier lock-in.  The Plivo API, found here, enables you to make and receive calls, send SMS, make a conference call, as well as control the flow of a call or a message.   Imagine building full-scale conference apps with unique call flows or adding SMS two-factor authentication to your mobile app; best of all, you can use any web language and there’s no upfront costs.

Also, Plivo allows native Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) support so it’s easy to connect your existing telecom infrastructure and carrier contracts to the cloud.  Additionally the API is platform independent and can be used in any programming environment such as Curl, Java, Node, PHP, Python, Objective C, and Ruby.

Plivo has helped businesses of various sizes build applications for customer call centers, web conferences, SMS notifications and more.  With their API you can easily build a customized solution that meets the exacting needs of your business.

Try Plivo’s API today!

Here’s an example code snippet:

Document and Data Merge Solution, WebMerge, Joins Mashape Posted 1 month ago


So you’ve just finished writing your document, but you need to add supporting data.  Use WebMerge.  The newest API to join Mashape is an amazing tool that lets you easily combine documentation and data sets, and share the customized document internally or with 3rd party users. 

WebMerge will become an invaluable tool for your team to manage and create new documents, and perform merges.  Also, with customizable account settings, users can restrict permission to selected documents.

The WebMerge REST API, found here, allows 3rd party applications to pull and integrate document and data routing information into their system; then send data to each document via webhooks using a unique URL.

Once implemented you simply setup a template using a fillable PDF, Microsoft Word document, or use WebMerge’s online editor.  Next, generate a customized document with data from a trusted 3rd party or upload your own content.  Each customized document can be shared via email or sent to a cloud storage service; additionally, you can use a webhook to send the document to another API or applicable service.

Also, the WebMerge API allows you to use one feed and push data to different documents based on predefined values.  As an example one form can be used for multiple solutions, such as lead generation, where different user answers prompt specific PDF formatted responses.  Ultimately, you can map a user’s document fields to the data in your application, and then automatically merge the document for them.

Mashape is thrilled to have WebMerge join our community, and we think you’ll appreciate their solution as well.

Here’s an example code snipppet.

ZUMATA Travel API Joins Mashape Posted 2 months ago

Are you building the next incredible travel platform, or perhaps need to enhance your current travel backend tools?  Mashape is pleased to offer ZUMATA’s real-time pricing, availability, and worldwide booking capabilities. 

ZUMATA is a B2B SaaS company focused primarily on meta-search, loyalty companies, and online travel agents to improve their operations.  Featuring over 300,000 global hotel properties, with an emphasis on directly sourced agreements in Asia, ZUMATA’s API will maximize your profits per sale.

The global travel API offers huge content and easy integration.  By consuming their API through Mashape you’ll have access to Search Hotels (returns hotel rates at a searched location ID, or an individual hotel), Cancelation Policy (retrieves the cancellation policy for a specific room), Payment (verifies credit information prior to a booking call), and Booking (search to book a hotel room.)

Try ZUMATA, the newest travel API to join our community.

Here’s an example code snippet:

Indix’s Real Time Product Intelligence API Joins Mashape Posted 2 months ago


Mashape is proud to introduce Indix and its Product Intelligence Platform to our community.  With the world’s broadest and deepest product database, Indix enables developers to create apps and services that become product aware in real-time.

Through Indix’s SaaS and Big Data product intelligence solution, brands and retailers have the ability to explore, analyze, and visualize the world’s product information in real-time including assortment, catalog, channels, competition, prices, promotions, news, social feeds.  With nearly limitless product related information, data businesses can extract data points to fine-tune their product and market landscape; ultimately, outperform the competition.   If you want to win in this game, you’d better have Indix at your side.

The Indix API provides direct access to raw data on millions of products: prices, promotions, availability, channels, attributes, competition and more.   Having such valuable data directly available to your applications allows anybody to perform in-depth pricing analysis, identify retail price reductions and increases, locate potential missed promotions, and power a new generation of product aware apps.

Let Indix’s API help your team drive performance efficiencies.   In real time Indix enables teams to optimize pricing strategies among core categories, all the while, maintaining a constant view of industry trends.

Try the Indix API today!

Here’s an example code snippet:

Find the best shipping rates with Shippo – Now on Mashape! Posted 2 months ago


Are you in a hurry to find the best international shipping rates?  Try Shippo!  We’re pleased to have this amazing service join Mashape’s community.  With Shippo you can compare shipment and logistic costs for cross-border express parcels and packages of FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL and many others.

Small businesses are typically ineligible for bulk rate shipping discounts; however, with Shippo businesses of all size can easily find affordable solutions.  Prices without bulk discounts are usually 80% higher.  To find the best deals Shippo connects customers with smaller courier companies, which are often difficult to find and compare, but can provide exceptional cost efficiencies.

Shippo allows you to optimize shipping costs per package.  The API automatically allocates each package to the cheapest shipping provider.  There is no need to go with only one provider.  With Shippo you benefit from the best rates of different couriers.

The Shippo API automates the entire shipping process and finds the best rates for each express delivery shipment.  Through their API small businesses can perform address verification and address completion; as well as review instant rates of all carriers, print instant labels with integrated payments, batch refunds, and follow packages with live tracking.  

Best of all the Shippo API provides flexible integration within minutes.   With Shippo you’ll increase productivity on things that matter most, getting product to customers.

We’re thrilled to have Shippo on Mashape.  Try their API today!

Here’s an example code snippet:

Scoreoid’s gaming API joins Mashape Posted 2 months ago


Mashape is pleased to have Scoreoid join our community.  The cross platform gaming backend and real-time marketing solution empowers developers with unparalleled engagement and monetization options.

Scoreoid is a non-restrictive, reliable and easy to use gaming platform designed to handle scoring, leaderboards and game management.  Additionally Scoreoid features advanced functions for multi-platform games, such as content awareness and detailed player management. 

With Scoreoid’s API developers can shorten game development time and reduce costs.  There is no need to download SDKs and no waiting for updates; best of all, Scoreoid works on numerous platforms including Flash, Unity, HTML5, and Silverlight, among many others.

Scoreoid’s Open Web API methods are RESTful HTTP/HTTPS and return XML or JSON responses. The Scoreoid Open Web API works with every coding language making it truly cross platform and easy to use.

Here are some sample endpoints:


Give Scoreoid a try today!

Vufind’s Predictive Intelligence Solution Joins Mashape Posted 3 months ago


We’re excited to have Vufind, a social and visual intelligence utility for maximizing marketing and ecommerce conversion, join our community. 

Vufind is a mobile personalization and predictive intelligence solution based on their Interest Graph (vuGraph); which analyzes and aggregates a user’s opted-in social activities, including visual analytics on photos and videos, to compute the richest persona profile for each user that reflects true intent.

The platform’s visual analytics engine is not domain-constrained, meaning Vufind’s solution can focus on any object from any genre, natural or man-made, and deformable (food) or non-deformable (logo, purse, long dress, high-heels, dining room, Disney Castle, Golden Gate Bridge, etc.)  It can also capture higher-level concepts such as “modern décor” or “outdoors.”  The Vufind engine is configurable to show only tags when classifier confidence is very high; therefore, mitigate false-positive rates, or be aggressive and show as many tags as possible even when the classifier confidence is low.

Vufind’s API enables the relevance revolution and serves the intersection of personalized commerce, behavioral and contextual ad targeting, and image-based contextual commerce.  etailers and app publishers with social login and media-rich content use the Vufind API to power combined behavioral and contextual relevance to boost engagement, conversion, and monetization. 

You can consume Vufind’s API endpoint in any programming language (made even easier by our Unirest HTTP client) or with curl as in this example:

 Give Vufind a try today!