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Marco Palladino
We recommend to update to the latest update of Kong (0.10.1) that ships with many bug-fixes an improvements, especially if you had problems with Serf.


    Serf has been downgraded to 0.7 in our release packages. This fixes some issues when advertising the first non-loopback IP address of the node to the other nodes. The Admin API has been updated to easily retrieve active upstream targets and to delete an upstream target. CORS Plugin now supports a list of allowed origins. Improvements in the internal datastore cache to avoid memory exhaustion and prevent unexpected errors. And much more.
Augusto Marietti
Today marks an important milestone for Mashape. We’re excited to announce that we’ve closed an $18M Series B funding round, led by Andreessen-Horowitz, with previous investors CRV and Index Ventures participating. It represents all the hard work by the team, our dedication to building the best and most open API Gateway for the enterprise, and Kong going mainstream around the world. This round is important for many reasons: 1) APIs play a central role. The Industrial Revolution of Software is happening. Many years ago, we had a vision of how software was going to be built. It looked a…
Marco Palladino
We are pleased to announce one of the most anticipated releases of Kong ever. Kong 0.10.0 includes exciting new features that have been heavily requested by the community and our enterprise customers – plus we’ve improved performance yet again! There’s no way we could cover everything new in one blog post, but we wanted to share a few highlights:


    Dynamic Load Balancing – Kong supports dynamic load-balancing, configurable via the Admin API. You can now associate multiple target hosts to an upstream, and load-balance across them. An external load balancer is no longer required. View Docs Blue-Green Deployments &