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Marco Palladino
As we’re approaching 1M downloads we wanted to be sure to build for the long term and support the community with an API Gateway focused on reliability, efficiency and speed. We are happy to announce that Kong 0.9 has been released after a few months of intense refactoring and improvements. This is the biggest release since we started the project, and will set a solid foundation for the months to come. Check the full changelog.

New CLI and Configuration

We are introducing a new CLI and a new configuration format to make Kong easier to use in a bigger…
Morgan Davies
  Mashape is proud to announce an integration with GitHub! In addition to being the largest and most respected Git repository hosting service, GitHub also has an extensive list of tools to help you build software faster and more efficiently. You can now find Gelato, Mashape’s API Dev Portal, listed in GitHub’s Integrations Directory. With Gelato you can create great guides, import documentation from Swagger, API Blueprint, or RAML and experience a feature rich reference editor and automatic API explorer. When combined with Kong, the most popular open source API management platform, Gelato provides a seamless experience for…