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Buzzlogix is Smart Social Media Management software and has recently released the engine behind their tool. Their recently released Text Analysis API based on natural language processing and machine learning, is quickly finding a way into developers’ toolboxes. Buzzlogix allows app developers to integrate into their applications for free (there are also other plans available for larger or growing enterprises.) A key component of this API is the use of natural language processing – a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with understanding the language, or languages humans use to interact with computers. Essentially, this technology allows users to analyze…
You signed up to the API analytics tool (Galileo) and you’re wow-ing at the possibilities, but exactly how much can this tool help you in your day to day job? I am going to analyze what business questions can be answered from an API perspective as a manager, developer, user or as a mixture of each. Then I will dig into the metrics that will be available to us and formulate relevant questions. Finally I will create a dashboard report using the required data.

How do I start?

Analytics are not simply “pretty graphs” to show your coworkers…