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Christina Ng
Do you see white and gold, or black and blue? I know, I know. The dress has infamously taken the Internet by storm and here at the Mashape office, we’re pretty split as well. Thankfully, we have the perfect way to objectively end the debate! The solution, of course, is to use an API 😉

API to the rescue

First, we took the image of #thedress in blue and black (or white and gold to some of you) and put it through this Image Color Extraction API created by Nijiko. Specifically, we used the Retrieve Palette endpoint in order to…
  Earlier this month, I attended the APIdays conference in Sydney, organized by Saul Caganoff of Sixtree and supported by the ever present Mehdi Medjaoui. Mashape is a recurring face at APIdays, where we’ve been a supporter of the event from the beginning. The conference consists of two tracks over two days. Experts, evangelists and enthusiasts were welcome to attend and learn about what’s happening in the API space.   APIDays Sydney near Redfern hosted in an old repurposed train station   I personally enjoyed talks that featured topics less often discussed in the API landscape, such as security…
Christina Ng
The International Trade Association (ITA) within the Department of Commerce recognizes the importance of open data and is working hard to make its trade data available. ITA’s mission is to help US companies export abroad, and the opening of its public trade data is another step in helping US businesses be competitive in an increasingly international market. Through its Trade Data APIs, ITA provides developers with access to authoritative information on US exports and international trade. Developers can use this information, often in conjunction with other data they possess, to put meaningful trade data on Web sites and mobile…