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Dota2 vs. League of Legends – Which do you prefer?

Here at Mashape we love online games, most Mashapers are avid online gamers, we all have our favorite style and secret strategies to beat our enemies online. Of course we love to take sides, we love joking around about Marco’s camping skills on Counter Strike, and Nijiko’s pride in last hitting creeps. var games = ["Quake3","WoW","Dota2","LoL","CS1.6","UT"]; function wePlayedIt(gamesArray){ for(i = 0; i < gamesArray.length; i++) { var p = document.createElement("p"); p.innerHTML = "We played " + gamesArray[i]; document.body.appendChild(p); } } (wePlayedIt(games)); Whether FPS, RTS, MOBA or MMO, we’ve probably played…

Introducing Private Plans – for API Providers and Consumer!

Everyone loves flexibility, (knowimsayinn) but no one admits it! We’ve successfully deployed Private Plans, a new feature of our Pricing Tab. There is nothing keeping developers away from consuming your public and private APIs, and with this release, we give you a way to charge users in customized ways. This update is targeted to all our API providers who like to keep things between your API and your consumers a little more interesting. Mashape wants you to be able to provide your customers with a flexible pricing for any use-case. The…
Christina Ng
NetImpact, the powerful, real-time, IP-to-location based API developer service is now available on Mashape.  The API takes the most complicated data sets and generates easy to understand real-time formats.  NetImpact is carving a clear and simple path for developers to gain instant access to back end data; ultimately make their mobile, Web, Android, or iOS apps’ front-end function flawlessly. The company’s goal is to deliver universally accessible big data in the easiest format possible. The IP-to-location API provides powerful data that enables you to build more intelligent applications for dynamic content delivery, location-aware applications, enhanced e-commerce, security and more.  NetImpact’s…