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Chris Ismael
If your university API is not here, please tweet to @mashape.  And on to the list, in no particular order: HarvardEvents – HarvardEvents knows about events from 2009-05-27 onward. New events (or changes to old events) may take up to 24 hours to appear in HarvardEvents’s database. MIT IST (Information Services and Technology) Web APIs – Application developers can integrate with or consume data from these systems using a standard protocol for doing so, instead of using a custom, application-specific protocol (Moira, MITID DB) or raw SQL (Data Warehouse, RolesDB). University of Cambridge Library Data – Returns locally held…
Montana Flynn
We know how hard it is to find great APIs. So we built, an API directory where you can instantly search through thousands of APIs and discover public cloud web services. Here’s what we have waiting for you:
    An infinite scrolling list of over 10,000 APIs Community Support Uptime Status
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Chris Ismael
Api World app in Windows 8 If you’re a Windows 8 developer, install the Api World app for Windows 8.1 now.  From the app description:

Description of API World

APIworld is an application to help developers find the API they need, easily. Developers will get randomly themed APIs and randomly picked APIs to try out. You can also use the Search charm to search for any APIs and the Share charm to share the API they like.


    Random API every time you open the app Search and Share Charm Features
The app was created by Abdullah Abbas aka “socialstalker”,  …
Augusto Marietti
Mashaper Marco Party Crowd DJ Booth More pictures and videos to come!…
Chris Ismael
This post will show you how to get Unirest-java running on your Android projects.  Unirest is a lightweight HTTP client library with port available in many languages. This is a follow-up to “How to install Unirest using the Maven assembly plugin”.  The steps are similar, with the addition of a Maven (shader) plugin that relocates some packages in order to work around dependency errors when using the uber jar in an Android project. (In case you’re interested, the error you’ll get is ”java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: org.apache.http.message.BasicLineFormatter.INSTANCE”). Let’s start: 1.  Follow Steps 1 and 2 from the Unirest-java/Maven tutorial.
Chris Ismael
Managing dependencies for your Java applications is difficult, unless you have Maven!  Maven is an Apache build manager for Java projects.  In this post, we will use a Maven plugin (Maven Assembly) to pull all the unirest-java dependencies in one bundle/jar file. Let’s get started (the steps below assume you already have Java and Git installed): Update: If you’re building for Android, please refer to this post.

1.  Download/Install Maven

To check if you already have Maven in your machine, run "mvn -version" in your Terminal.  OS X prior to Maverick already comes with Maven.  If…
Chris Ismael
Note: Check out our latest API collections page for the list of updated APIs. Here’s a list of useful APIs to help you determine if that email address is real 🙂 API # Title Link 1 Verify Email simple api that checks if an email address if valid and exists. It checks the format of the address then tries to contact the server to make sure the address exists. 2 Social Media Email Search This API allows searching the popular social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter, tumblr, myspace) for an email address. If found, the site ID will be returned. 3…
Chris Ismael
Want to build an amazing financial trading app?  We’ve got the API for you! Tradier is a next generation financial services technology solution with a bundled platform for tool providers, online banks, developers and investors.  Tradier offers a complete set of real-time APIs, data, and an advanced set of secure web and mobile modules for clients to deliver powerful investor experiences. As a cloud based brokerage technology platform for trading and analytics, Tradier empowers application providers to bring their products to a larger audience of institutional and active retail traders.  Integration with Tradier’s API enables developers to build applications that…
Chris Ismael
If you’re around the SOMA area in San Francisco this Friday, December 6th, 7pm, feel free to drop by our “Party Like Jesus” holiday celebration!  RSVP here! DJs, OPEN BAR, and lots of fun. See ya there mate!