1983 Apple Event – Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

I was curious to look back in those years when all of them (Apple, Microsoft..etc) were unified in running the same mission: Put technology on everyone hands.
Now the mission is almost the same, but all the rest has changed a lot… it’s sad to see overpassing human values just for business reasons.


Steve Jobs & Bill Gates

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates
Image credit: https://flic.kr/p/NbX3t



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Gluecon 2013 – Mashape demos and links on Machine Learning

Last week at Gluecon 2013, we had the opportunity to show some cool demos that demonstrate the breadth and sophistication of APIs you can discover and use in Mashape.

Yoda teaches APIs

Into APIs now, Yoda is…

AI Netizens: The State of Agents Online

Watch Jeff Kramer’s (@jeffk) talk on the… “history of agents and bots, and how we design and develop bot platforms for the future. We touch on MUD and IRC

More startups will essentially be “Data Startups”

Below is an excerpt from the Data2.0 newsletter article called 4 Trends in 2013 Data Innovation featuring DeveloperWeek winner Callinize 3. More startups will essentially be “Data Startups” –