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Three Ways API-First Development is the Future of Web Development Posted 17 hours ago

Over the past decade their have been a number of different web development paradigms. As the craft of web development has evolved so have the ways of designing and structuring software architecture. API First design is an approach to software development that emphasizes building components of your application as APIs.

This approach has a number of advantages:

Separation of Concerns

API First design is the formal separation of the front end from the back end. For instance is separated into two two github repos, one for the front end and one for the back end, which interact through a well defined API. Similar to the Model View Controller paradigm, by decoupling data from logic from presentation, it forces a better code architecture, which in the long term decreases your technical debt. API-First design makes it easy to push data to multiple views, regardless of size or functionality.


Industries move forward when knowledge can be ‘black boxed’. Imagine if, to build a web application, you had to know how to build the microchips from scratch. But thanks to specialization and division of labor all you need to focus on is the code. This is the advantage of API First design. Developers only need to know the requests and responses sequences of the API endpoints. This approach frees up the front end dev team to focus on a few specific ways to interact with the data, and the back end team can focus on providing it in a RESTful manner.


Why limit yourself to just one source of data? With modern web practices you can easily combine multiple APIs to make a powerful site fast. And if your needs change, so can the app, by simply adding or removing an API. Plus the modular approach decreases the difficulty of scaling up your application.

API First design is a step forward in building high performance websites. And if you need inspiration for websites to build, check out our extensive catalog of APIs at Mashape.

Wavecell SMS Calls through Mashape Posted 1 day ago


Wavecell provides mobile messaging services for enterprises, application developers, mobile carriers and aggregators.  Through their platform Mashape users can send SMS worldwide using a simple, fast, and reliable HTTP API.

 The Wavecell API, found here, is designed for sending SMS–MT messages, as well as receiving SMS-MO and delivery reports.  You can deliver and monitor push notifications to mobile apps, and utilize direct local connectivity and international routing.  Additionally, you can customize your dynamic Sender IDs, build person-to-person and chat messaging services, and interact or collect data from mobile subscribers.

The Wavecell platform is a state-of-the-art carrier grade cloud infrastructure; which enables telecoms, service providers, advertisers, and brands to optimize their messaging in a cost efficient manner.  Their service is scalable and reliable, plus, you’ll get robust analytics, reporting and dedicated support. 

As a full featured messaging service you’ll have access to over 700 global carriers and more than 200 countries.   We’re excited to have Wavecell join our community – Give them a try today!

Here’s a sample code snippet:

API Glossary Posted 1 week ago


When it comes to APIs, there’s a lot of jargon out there. The meaning of certain terms isn’t always obvious, and API providers sometimes use different ones to refer to the same thing.

That’s why we created an API glossary. It contains the terminology we use on our site and in our documentation, as well as related words and common acronyms.

- If you’re just starting out with APIs you can get the foundational knowledge you need to dive right into API use, design, and development.

- If you need to explain APIs to a non-technical, instead of mumbling something from the RFC, you can find useful and authoritative definitions all in one place.

- If you’re looking to make your own API this can help structure your thinking and design patterns, as well as improve your documentation.

It’s hosted on Github so anyone can contribute through a pull request or by submitting an issue.

And once you’re done learning about APIs at the glossary, get some hands on experience at Mashape. Sign up for a free account today.

ZenPayroll, a delightful payroll service, joins Mashape Posted 1 week ago

As a small business owner or member of its development team, using traditional big enterprise payroll solutions is expensive and time consuming.  Mashape is proud to have ZenPayroll join our community.  By moving payroll into the cloud, ZenPayroll offers online payroll that’s easy to use and automates all tax calculations, payments, and filings.

ZenPayroll’s API, found here, allows third-party applications to send data, including hours worked, tips, bonuses, commissions, and reimbursements directly to the payroll app.  The API transforms payroll from being a vertical silo to a horizontal platform that seamlessly connects HR, time tracking, accounting and other back office functions.  With a full-service payroll solution, your team will never have to manually import financial records again.

As an SMB you can break free from paying enterprise-scale software prices and get payroll tax calculations, payments, and direct deposit transactions with a simple to use API.  If you want to set up and run payroll in minutes, from any web-enabled device, you have to try ZenPayroll.   It’s currently available in eight U.S. states (CA, CO, FL, IL, MA, NY, TX, and WA) and the company plans to roll out support to more states on a regular basis. 

Here’s a sample code snippet:

Mashape was at the biggest #hackathon ever! LAHacks was phenomenal, and we made sure to document the fun. 

Also our very own Montana Flynn gave a presentation on Making APIs that Developers Love. Check out the slides!

Five Bitcoin APIs for the Revolution Posted 1 week ago

Looking to smash fiat currency? Or just want to include the cool new distributed payment system in your next app? We can help. Check out these five APIs that tap into the power of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Average

Get a weighted average from Bitcoin exchanges around the world. Includes different currencies and exchange volume.

Trusted Coin

M-of-N transactions are an important step in adding greater security to the Bitcoin ecosystem. By splitting private keys among multiple parties it makes theft much more difficult, as well as empowering developers to add alerts and create flexible security.


With more than 1,000,000 consumer wallets Coinbase is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges, and you can use that power in your services through this API.


Send Bitcoin payments securely through bips, one of the largest Bitcoin Payment Service Providers, as well as checking balances and creating invoices for your wallets.


Show your favorite open source developers and projects some love by contributing Bitcoin with the Gitcoin API.

Bonus: Dogechain

If you like your crypto-currencies with more meme references we’ve got you covered - the API for Dogechain can give you info on addresses, recent transactions, network difficulty, and more.

We’ve got more API’s than just these, so sign up today to start powering your application with Mashape and BTC! 

OpenSSL Update Posted 1 week ago

On Monday April 7th OpenSSL released an update to address CVE-2014-0160 (aka Heartbleed). This was a vulnerability in the popular cryptographic library that is used to secure many major websites. It affected nearly two thirds of web servers, including sites like Google, Twitter, and Yahoo. Mashape has implemented the update and is no longer vulnerable to potential Heartbleed exploits. We’ve also reissued our SSL certificates, changed internal passwords, and changed private keys.

While we have no evidence that there has been any type of attack or intrusion, we have automatically logged out all users, and for extra security users should:

Create new passwords: You can create a new password at

Generate a new API key: You can manage your production keys at

We, along with the rest of the web development community, will continue to monitor the situation and make sure that all the necessary fixes have been enacted. If you have any questions about the OpenSSL situation and how it affects Mashape please contact us.

VerticalResponse Joins Mashape Posted 2 weeks ago

In our fast paced world smart marketers need a tool to quickly create and send professional looking emails.   Mashape is proud to have Vertical Response, a leading email campaign suite, join our community.

VerticalResponse helps you create and send great email campaigns.  It makes contact and list management easy, allowing you to create contacts, group them into meaningful lists, and use these lists to send targeted email campaigns.  The VerticalResponse API lets you interact with the platform the same way the application does.  For example: Create an application to keep the contacts in your CRM in sync with VerticalResponse; create an application to send and track custom emails; connect a custom sign-up form in your website to VerticalResponse to store newly added contacts. The possibilities are truly endless.  

Utilizing the principles of HTTP, VerticalResponse has built its new REST API from the ground up.  With its Hypermedia or HATEOAS API, all resources are self-describing thus making the model simple and consistent.  As a developer you do not have to keep track of the different resources or store the URLs for different operations.  You can navigate through the API from any endpoint, just like you would a website.

VerticalResponse is very excited about the possibilities the new API opens up for customers and third party developers.  Let VerticalResponse help you create and send optimized email campaigns.   Give their API a try today!

Here’s an example code snippet:

Next Caller, Advanced Caller ID, joins Mashape Posted 3 weeks ago

Like everyone, we hate calling customer support centers.  After making your way through a labyrinth of support options, wouldn’t it be great if the service agent already knew your name and address?  If you manage a service center or develop tools for caller ID systems, our newest partner can make this a reality.  Mashape is proud to partner with Next Caller, an Advanced Caller IDSM for businesses.

With over 220 million records on file, Next Caller is your company’s secondary database.   By linking U.S. phone numbers, both mobile and landline, to names, addresses, and emails, Next Caller will save your support center an incredible amount of time gathering user information.  Caller profiles are sent directly to your answering agents.  Best of all, Next Caller is integrated with leading customer service platforms, including Zendesk, Salesforce, Cisco and Avaya, among many others.

Next Caller’s API is based on REST principles and utilizes OAuth 1.0a.  The API, found here, can only be used to identify inbound callers.  When you don’t know who’s calling, simply ping Next Caller’s database. 

Time is money and customer satisfaction is valued in seconds.  Give Next Caller a try today.  Your customers will be glad you did.

Here’s an example code snippet from Next Caller’s API.

Vizago 3D Face Recognition API joins Mashape Posted 4 weeks ago

There are numerous use cases for manipulating 3D images; however, finding a quality application has always been a challenge, until now.  Mashape is proud to partner with Vizago, a leading face recognition technology company.  Using a single 2D facial photo, Vizago creates full 3D facial reconstructions in OBJ format.

Vizago’s patented Morphable Model Technology enables you to model and manipulate faces in real 3D, as well as create realistic 3D reconstructions of faces from a single user photo.  With the Vizago API, located here, you can create 3D representations when developing computer game characters, avatars, and medical simulations.  Vizago is also great for virtual shopping applications.

We encourage you to try Vizago, available with a freemium package.   With easy integration, you simply upload a photo and Vizago generates an incredible 3D mesh and texture for your application.  Acceptable images include JPEGs, PNGs, and GIFs.  Image size is restricted to 2MB; additionally, it’s recommended you incorporate feature points, landmarks and coordinates, as well as gender information.  The entire rendering process typically takes one minute.

Give Vizago a try today; we know you’re going to love the results!

Here’s a sample code snippet: